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Category Archives for "Back Pain" Got back pain? Then visiting Wizard of Health will be the best decision you’ve made. Our health and wellness website provides many articles on staying up to date. Our website was designed as a trusted source of health information that is based on evidence and experience based practices. We go through the most common questions that people in pain can have, and provide the right information to take charge of your own health. Our site covers all sorts of ailments, from muscle, joint to back, knee, foot and various other forms of treatments and preventions. Ever wonder whether your X-rays or MRI can actually tell how bad your back is? The answer may surprise you. Our article, entitled ‘Should You Trust X-Ray or MRI Results For Your Back Pain‘, fully answers this question and more. In some cases, what you see on X-rays may not be the real reason you’re getting back pain. if that’s the case, it may be due to one of the most overlooked causes of pain – trigger points. Also known as ‘muscle knots’, these areas can’t be seen on an X-ray. They can’t be seen, but they can only be diagnosed by pressing into the muscle knot.However, the real way to succeed in treating them is knowing which trigger points are causing your pain, and what to specifically do for them. To learn more, check out our article on how to treat trigger points by clicking HERE Stay tuned for more articles on such things as prevention, best exercises and separating fact from myth.