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Exercises To Improve Posture

Guide to improving posture with exercise

Exercises To Improve Posture Are you looking to keep your posture up and straight? Looking to fix hunchback postures but don’t know where to start? Or maybe in your situation, you’re always asking the question “Can you fix a hunchback posture if you’ve had it for years? If this describes you, you’re in luck. We’re […]

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[Research] Why Getting Older Is Bad For Your Back

If you thought bad posture while sitting was a problem, it seems getting older just adds to the issue. We’ll show you new research that shows that age related changes occur in your posture, and provide simple steps to keep your spine healthy and pain free. Study finds age related spine degeneration reduces the low […]

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Pain While Driving? Follow These 4 Simple Tweaks

Do you get pain while driving? Then these simple changes can make the biggest change in your comfort level. Best of all, they can be used right away. I’ve seen a lot of patients that have long commutes every day. They come in complaining of neck, back and shoulder pain to name a few. Sometimes […]

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