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Category Archives for "Trigger Points" Did you know that trigger point are one of the most overlooked causes of muscle aches and pains? Some refer to them as ‘Muscle Knots’. Wizard of Health is the premier source of information on education and treatment of these ‘muscle knots’. We provide articles and practical videos on every aspect of trigger point treatments. For those that don’t know what these ‘muscle knots’ are, we have a basic beginner’s guide. It helps you understand what they are, and how they cause pain. Therefore, you gain control of your health. Got headaches that don’t seem to get better with any of the treatments you’ve tried? Did you know trigger points can occur in various areas of the neck and head? These ‘knots’ cause actually cause referred pain to the head, mimicking a tension headache. Our Complete Guide to Treating Trigger Point Headaches provides all the information you need to get you started on the path to wellness. Neck pain can be excruciating and chronic. If you’ve tried medication and other treatments, and find nothing has helped, then you’ll find our comprehensive guide to neck muscle knots as the best place to start. In conclusion, our in depth article provides educational information in addition to practical videos. About 80% of the people will get low back pain at least once in their life. Low back trigger points can sometimes be responsible for chronic low back pain persisting. In our article on treating these muscle knots in the low back, you’ll get clear instructions and videos on how to effectively address this overlooked cause of low back pain.