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Get Rid of Muscle Pain In Minutes A Day

The Muscle Wizard is a natural and safe self massage tool for relieving muscle pain caused by muscle knots and painful trigger points. To learn more about how the Muscle Wizard can specifically help you, how it works, and how you can save an extra 10% off our current sales price, read below.

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Do you suffer from muscle pain?

Are you tired of paying for expensive therapy visits, only to realize that the results are temporary, so that you need to keep going back and spending more money?

Does your muscle pain prevent you from getting through a full day’s work or doing the things you love?

If that describes you, you’re not alone.

But that’s just the beginning. Did you know that the most common type of muscle pain, myofascial pain syndrome, is often untreated, misdiagnosed & rarely fully taught in medical school?

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to easily get rid of these trigger points and muscle knots….

Up until now, your options were fairly limited.

You can go to your massage or physical therapist. However, not all of them are adequately trained in diagnosing and treating painful muscle knots. Unfortunately, the costs add up. You can beg your friends or loved ones to press into these tight painful spots. Unfortunately, their tired hands always give out just before you’re about to feel it’s working. You can try a variety of other products on the market. However, most have you rolling around on the floor or take more effort than needed…until now.

Imagine releasing these tight muscle knots in your low back, while working at your desk. Imagine controlling the amount of pressure you want, without getting tired. Imagine doing this, literally hands free, for as long as you need. All this can be done quickly and easily

Introducing the Muscle Wizard – Your Portable Muscle Therapist

The Muscle Wizard is a self –massage solution to relieving your muscle aches, pains and tension. The compact design allows you to target trigger points and muscle knots, making it ideal for anyone with fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, tension headaches, neck and back pain. The rest of this article will discuss specific ways that the Muscle Wizard can help, including demonstration videos to show you exactly how to use it. 

Here are some benefits of using the Muscle Wizard:

1. You can use the Muscle Wizard at your work desk, hands free, to target your back and neck tension.

2. You can control the amount of pressure you apply. Never worry about someone else pressing too hard and leaving you bruised and sore. Apply as much pressure as you want for those hard to treat muscle knots.

3. The Muscle Wizard is portable and convenient, so you can carry it with you anywhere, from the office to the gym, at home or on a business trip or vacation.

Muscle Wizard for Low Back Pain

Got muscle knots in your low back? These pesky knots can cause aches and pains throughout the day, whether you’re sitting at a desk at work, at home with your kids, or out playing in athletic activities. The Muscle Wizard comes with 4 specially designed knobs that mimic the feel of a therapist’s finger. You can use it hands free while working at your desk, while standing up (if you want to loosen your back before going on a run, or playing a sport such as baseball, golf, etc.), or even while lying down. Check out the following video, which shows you how to use the Muscle Wizard in all three of these positions:

How To Use The Muscle Wizard For Low Back Pain 

Use while at your desk: Using the Muscle Wizard is simple once you get the hang of it. You wrap it around the low back, while applying the other end over your knee. From that position, you simply apply traction with your knee, which helps dig the knobs into your tight, aching muscles.

Use while lying down: Two of the best strategies for low back pain that work at home are the ability to provide a gentle traction to the joints, and to apply pressure into the muscle knots. The Muscle Wizard allows one to wrap one end around the knees and use gravity to traction the low back. While providing a gentle traction, the knobs also provide deep pressure into tight and aching muscles.

Use while standing: Most of the customers that use the Muscle Wizard while standing do it before beginning a sporting activity. Want to loosen up those tight muscles before starting a round of golf, swinging a baseball bat, or even from standing on your feet all day? Simply wrap the knobs behind the back and the other end over your knee. Tighten the strap and drop your knee down with a slight overpressure. You’ll get a relaxation of your tight muscles within minutes.

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Muscle Wizard for Neck Pain

If you don’t have the strength to apply pressure over your neck muscles, the Muscle Wizard is quick and easy to use. Apart from applying pressure over tight muscles, the Muscle Wizard was also designed to provide gentle mobilization of the neck joints. Gentle mobilization is something that a therapist or chiropractor provides, and is known to help with neck mobility and long term relief of neck stiffness.

Watch the video below to see how the Muscle Wizard can be used over the neck muscles and joints to provide relief and improved mobility:

How To Use The Muscle Wizard For Neck Pain

Muscle Wizard for Tension Headaches

If you get tension headaches coming from the neck muscles, then the Muscle Wizard is one of the most effective tools out on the market. Neck muscles in the back of the head, called the sub occipitals, can refer pain to the back of the head and all the way around the head, recreating the tension like headaches over the forehead and eyes.

Most people obtain relief from trigger point therapy, where a health professional applies pressure to these small muscles. Some people begin doing this themselves. However, they begin to realize that their hands and fingers often tire out before they get full relief. Not only are these muscles involved, but all the muscles down the neck and into the upper shoulders can be the cause of tension headaches.

See the video below on how the Muscle Wizard is used for tension headaches.

How To Treat Tension Headaches With The Muscle Wizard

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Muscle Wizard for Shoulder Pain

Chronic shoulder pain can often limit you from enjoying your hobbies or athletic activities. Muscle knots are quite common in the shoulder muscles, extending from the upper shoulder muscles that carry on through from the shoulder to the neck, to the outside shoulder rotator cuff muscles.

The Muscle Wizard isn’t only used to apply gentle pressure to the Muscle Knots. The self massage tool can also help with what we call ‘stripping massage’. This is a technique where a therapist can use their fingers to dig deep into a muscle and ‘strip it out’. Watch the video below on how the Muscle Wizard can work on the shoulder muscles.

How To Treat The Shoulder With The Muscle Wizard

Muscle Wizard for Forearm Pain / Tennis Elbow / Golfer’s Elbow

Got forearm pain and stiffness?

Whether it’s tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow or just nagging aches and pains from repetitive work, the Muscle Wizard can take the place of a therapist, without tiring out your own hands.

For these types of conditions, there are two types of self treatments that are effective:

a. Pressure into tender muscle knots; and

b. A stripping type of deep massage

Unlike some other tools on the market, Muscle Wizard can actually accomplish both, saving you time, money and the frustration of getting tired hands by trying to do your own self massage. Check out the video below on how the Muscle Wizard can help treat not only forearm pain, but also wrist pain:

How To Use Muscle Wizard For Forearm / Tennis Elbow / Golfers Elbow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it easy to learn how to use the Muscle Wizard?

Answer: Yes. The Muscle Wizard comes with a training DVD. No place to play a DVD? Not a problem. We also have all videos on our membership site. You’ll get the log in information when you purchase your Muscle Wizard.

Question: How does the Muscle Wizard compare with cane shaped tools?

Answer: Check out the video below to see the difference between the Muscle Wizard and cane shaped tools

Difference between Muscle Wizard and Cane Shaped Tools

Cane shaped tools are excellent trigger point tools. We have been using them for years with our own patients and clients. However, we found that there are certain limitations with cane shaped tools.

First, you have to use your hands to apply pressure. Some people have noted that their hands get tired before they are able to finish their self treatments.

Secondly, the Cane shaped tools usually provide only one contact point, making you only be able to treat one muscle knot at a time.

Thirdly, it can sometimes be difficult to target certain areas in a precise manner, such as the back of the neck, the suboccipitals (tension headache muscles), etc.

Fourth, pressure over a muscle knot is just one way to relieve muscle pain. Another way is to ‘strip out a muscle’. This involves using your thumb and digging deep and stripping out the muscle. This is something that can’t be done with a cane shaped tool.

Question: Every tool can’t be great for everything. What do you feel is the biggest limitation with the Muscle Wizard?

Answer: You are right. Every tool has it’s strength and weakness. For the Muscle Wizard, clients have found it difficult to really target the middle back muscle. However, that is only while using the knee as the leverage point. To overcome this, you can actually lie on the Muscle Wizard knobs, either straight across your back, or vertically so the 4 knobs are aligned on one side of your spine.

But for other areas, such as the neck, back, shoulders, thighs, calves, forearms and feet, the Muscle Wizard is the easiest and most comfortable solution.

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