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Get Rid Of Muscle Pain In Minutes....

No Need For Expensive Therapy, Begging For Help, Or Using Your Own Sore Hands

Doctor Invented Product Revolutionizes Muscle Pain Therapy That Can Be Done In Minutes – Even While Sitting At Your Desk

From the desk of Dr. Jasper.

Do you suffer from muscle pain?

Are you tired of paying for expensive therapy visits, only to realize that the results are temporary, so that you need to keep going back and spending more money?

Does your muscle pain prevent you from getting through a full day’s work or doing the things you love?

If that describes you, you’re not alone.

But that’s just the beginning…..

The Most Common Type Of Muscle Pain,

Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Is Often

Untreated, Misdiagnosed & Rarely Fully

Taught In Medical School

Myofascial pain syndrome, consisting of trigger points or ‘muscle knots’, WILL cause pain that can be debilitating and almost impossible to treat

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to easily get rid of these trigger points and muscle knots….

Up until now, your options were fairly limited.

You can go to your massage or physical therapist. However, not all of them are adequately trained in diagnosing and treating painful muscle knots. Unfortunately, the costs add up.

You can beg your friends or loved ones to press into these tight painful spots. Unfortunately, their tired hands always give out just before you're about to feel it's working.

You can try a variety of other products on the market. However, most have you rolling around on the floor or take more effort than needed…until now.

Imagine releasing these tight muscle knots in your low back while working at your desk. Imagine controlling the amount of pressure you want, without getting tired. Imagine doing this literally hands free, for as long as you need. All this can be done quickly and easily.

Hi, my name is Dr. Jasper, and i invented the Muscle Wizard

In over 20 years of Chiropractic practice, I’ve seen countless patients, like you, suffer from muscle aches and pains. They would see me for such things as neck and low back pain, tension headaches, and shoulder pain. I would get them better, but they would often have to come back for more treatments.

There was no quick and easy solution for treating themselves at home.

As long as they kept coming back to see me, they would be pain free.

Others had to stop because the costs added up.

Then I asked myself, “What if my patients had a tool that I could send them home with that worked just as well as my treatments?” That would help them see me less often, save them money and most importantly, help them stay pain free.

So I started working on a new solution…..

I wanted to design something that was easy to carry. Something they can take to work or on the road.

For several months, I went through different product designs. Some were too big. Some were too difficult to use. Others weren’t portable enough.

I wanted to design something that was as good as a therapist or doctor’s thumb. Something that helps control the pressure they can apply on their painful muscle knots.

Then I came up with the perfect design…

I began testing it on my patients. They began experiencing instant pain relief. Some took it to work. Others used it on long trips.

After that, other therapists, doctors, and trainers used it on their patients and clients, getting similar results.

After a year of in depth testing, I’m finally releasing this product to the public.

Introducing the Muscle Wizard

Your Portable Muscle Therapist

The Muscle Wizard is a patent pending self-massage solution to relieving your muscle aches, pains and tension. It really is your portable muscle therapist.

The compact design allows you to target trigger points and muscle knots, making it ideal for anyone with fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, tension headaches, neck and low back pain.


Here's just a little of what you'll discover with the Muscle Wizard

  • Use the Muscle Wizard hands free, so you can use it while sitting at your desk.
  • Just imagine. No more taking time out of your schedule to lie down on the floor to target your muscles.​
  • No more having your arms tired from holding onto something to press into your muscles.
  • Best of all, no more having to beg someone to press into those painful muscle knots.
  • You control the amount of pressure you apply. Never worry about someone else pressing too hard and leaving you bruised and sore. Apply as much pressure as you want for those hard to treat muscle knots​
  • The Muscle Wizard is portable and convenient, so you can carry it with you anywhere, from the office to the gym, at home or on a business trip or vacation.

Simple, Quick and Easy

That’s how health and fitness professionals describe the Muscle Wizard.

I wanted to invent something that not only helped, but was simple to use.

However, ‘simple’ doesn’t even begin to describe what you are going to get. I tested the product on countless patients. I got feedback from countless doctors and therapists.

I took that information and put it into a training video that comes with the product.

Still have questions about a specific way to use it after you get it?

That’s why you’ll also get access to the exclusive free online membership. Here, you can see even more training videos and tips. I GUARANTEE that this product will work for you. That’s why we provide the support that we do.

Don’t just listen to me…

Here’s what some of our customers and patients have said about the Muscle Wizard on​

So How Much Will The Muscle Wizard Cost You?

The Muscle Wizard Normally Costs $59.99

However, that's NOT what YOU are going to pay today.

For a Limited Time, we’re offering the Muscle Wizard at over 33% off. Today, you can purchase it for the low cost of $39.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

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For perspective, lets just look at what my patients normally end up spending trying to relieve their muscle pain.

Remember, up to 85% of all muscle pain is due to trigger points or ‘muscle knots’.

A single Chiropractor treatment usually costs about $45. I usually charge up to $60.

A massage session can run from $60 to $90.

And acupuncture usually costs $45…and even up to $100.

Not to mention the time, gas money and effort it takes to get to these appointments every week.

And when people are in pain, it’s not hard to spend at least $20 - $30 a month on painkillers, hot patches, rubs and other ‘instant relief’ products.

We wanted to make the Muscle Wizard affordable for anyone…because NO ONE deserves to be in pain from something so simple and easy to treat.

Would you pay less than the cost of a SINGLE THERAPIST VISIT to get muscle pain relief?​

Check out what you're going to get with your Muscle Wizard product:​


The Muscle Wizard Product

The Muscle Wizard consists of an adjustable strap with 4 'Wizard Fingers' on it. Shaped like a therapist's thumb, the wizard fingers allow you to find and treat muscle knots all over the body. We've even spaced them apart so people of all sizes can target hard to reach muscles. 


Training Video

Our training video includes quick start videos that shows how to use the Muscle Wizard for each muscle. We also have in depth videos that go into specific things like low back pain, headaches, and neck pain.


Online Access To Our Membership Site

We know that our customers will have questions. That's why we offer access to our membership site. Here, you can find the training videos. Got a question? Check out our FAQ section. We shoot videos for all the questions we get so you can see first hand how to use the Muscle Wizard. Can't find what you are looking for? Send us an email or call us. We'll make sure you get the answer you need.


Free Shipping

We offer free shipping in the continental United States. Always.

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