Posture wizard training

Welcome to the Posture Wizard System Training System. This is designed as a step by step training process to get the most out of your Posture Wizard System. Go through each video. If you have ANY questions regarding your use of the Posture Wizard System, feel free to contact us by phone or email. 

Enjoy your Posture Wizard System!‚Äč

1. Introduction To The Posture Wizard System

2. Assembly Instructions For The Back Stretcher Component Of The Posture Wizard System

3. Properly Getting Up From The Back Stretcher

The back stretcher is designed to improve posture and provide gentle stretching to the spine and muscles. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, watch the proper way to get up from a back stretcher. Safety and comfort is the first priority as you progress through the stretching program. 

4. Low Back Stretching

Want to start with gentle back stretching? Watch Dr. Jasper go through his step-by-step use of the back stretcher. You'll see how you can advance from a simple stretch to using your arms and legs to take you to more advanced positions. 

5. Low Back Strengthening

Once you get comfortable with your stretching program, it's time to add a strengthening component. Why should you add strengthening? It's simple. Having healthy strong muscles will prevent you from getting tired throughout the day, especially if you're sitting. Watch Dr. Jasper demonstrate how he adds low back strengthening while stretching your back. This makes the Posture Wizard System easy and quick to do. 

6. Mid Back Stretching

Most of us sit all day in uncomfortable, forward slumped postures. Bad posture may not be painful for some of us, but over the long term, it can lead to increases in spine curvature. The back stretcher part of the Posture Wizard System is designed to maintain a healthy mid back alignment. Five minutes a day is all you need. Watch Dr. Jasper demonstrate how to stretch the mid back, in addition to get the muscles moving around the spine. 

7. Mid Back Strengthening

Once you're comfortable with your mid back stretching program, its time to begin learning how to strengthen the muscles in the mid back. Best of all, you can do both stretching and strengthening at the same time. As Dr. Jasper demonstrates, its all about proceeding at your own comfortable pace. 

8. Advanced Mid Back Strengthening

8. Looking for some mid back strengthening exercises to do at work or on the road? For those looking to do more, Dr. Jasper demonstrates his top exercises to make sure the mid back is stable and strong. Best of all, some of these can be done without the strengthening band! 

9. Introduction To Muscle Knot Relief

This is often the missing component for overall back health. See how the trigger point ball is being used to address tight muscle knots in the back. 

10. How To Use The Trigger Point Ball For Your Muscle Knots

Here's step by step instructions on how to use the trigger point ball for all the muscle knots in the mid and low back. Goal is to start off 2 times per week. If you're tensing up, you're pressing too hard! You'll be able to hit those knots in no time with the simple techniques. 

11. How to use the attachment belt

Wondering what the small attachment belt is for? We find that about 5% of our customers use this to keep the Posture Wizard steady on a chair. You see, the Posture Wizard can also be used as a chair lumbar support! Check out this short video on how to properly attach it with a chair!