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Question 1 of 15:

What kind of muscle pain is your biggest concern right now?

Question 2 of 15:

Are you male or female?

Question 3 of 15:

What is your age range?

Question 4 of 15:

Do you get pain when you sit or stand for long periods of time?

Question 5 of 15:

Do you wake up around the same time each night with muscle aches or a deep desire to stretch out before you go back to sleep?

Question 6 of 15:

Do hot showers and heat packs help more with your pain than ice?

Question 7 of 15:

When you press on a muscle that hurts, does the pain spread out to other areas?

Question 8 of 15:

When you press into the area of pain, does the pain usually go away after some time?

Question 9 of 15:

Are you constantly stretching all day but only getting temporary relief?

Question 10 of 15:

Do you work out with weights, but it seems to make your pain worse?

Question 11 of 15:

Can your pain be best described as a deep ache?

Question 12 of 15:

Does your pain move around, sometimes going to other areas, sometimes feeling better, and sometimes feeling worse? Is it so unpredictable that you can’t figure out its exact cause?

Question 13 of 15:

Are you not able to remember how you got the pain, and all you know is that it came on over time?

Question 14 of 15:

Do you often find that the pain and discomfort gradually increase throughout the day and are definitely worse by the end of the day?

Question 15 of 15:

Does your job require you to sit or stand in one position for more than two hours at a time?

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